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  • Social Media Campaigns – WordPress Blog Posts – Share to Facebook, Instagram, + Twitter
  • Social Media Video Creation – Just need some images & text info to put a beautiful slick top end video together with cool animations & music
  • Facebook Adds Paid Boost Post + Add Account Management
  • Facebook Add Campaigns Re-targeting from tracked Instagram or Website Facebook Pixel to Targeted Audience
  • Instagram Account Followers List Growth – Average 100 followers /day increase – Includes 5 generic Instagram posts in your niche added to your account /day to keep interest and engagement going – Includes Hashtag research, auto follow, auto unfollow, auto liking + auto commenting
  • Full Add Artwork Creation Service at usual rate
  • Facebook Post Scheduling from High Google Authority Blogs, Image Banks, RSS Feeds + Youtube all from your targeted niche to create ongoing Interest, Engagement and Facebook Followers
  • WordPress Website Email Address Optin Forms setup to collect Email Addresses of potential future customers
  • Email Marketing Campaigns – includes Artwork/Design + Setup with your chosen delivery platform ie: Mailchimp, Awebber etc
  • Digital Facebook Fanpage Contests Setup with a Monthly Prize to collect Email Addresses for future marketing
  • Facebook Fanpage Setup + Instagram Account Setup + Twitter Account Setup + Scheduled posting service to all
  • Training/Tutoring for Social Media Campaigns, Website Blog Post creation + Yoast SEO Optimization, Image Size/Resolution management, Website Editing Online Training/Tutoring – You share your screen to me and we phone chat  – I can instruct you easily and see exactly what you are doing – this is better training than someone sitting beside you because you do the tasks yourself and remember much better – includes free educational matarials.
    Videos of the training sessions also available if required

Prices – All prices are approximate based on $50/hr

  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns$50/hr
  • Social Media Marketing Videos – $50/up to 30 second video social media ready (client supplies 3-5 images + text for video splashes)
  • Graphic Dsign/Web work$50/hr
  • Single SEO Optimized Website Blog Posts$25/post if featured image + text is supplied
  • Social Media Adds (Insta, FB, Twit)$25 /3 adds – 1 x Image on each + hashtags, info + price etc if Images are Supplied
  • Facebook Add Campaigns Re-targeting$50/hr
  • Instagram Account Followers List Growth 7 cents/follower – average 100/day – includes 5 generic posts in your niche /day
  • Full Add Artwork Creation Service at usual rate – $50/hr
  • Facebook Post Scheduling$50/hr
  • WordPress Website Email Address Optin Forms$50/hr
  • Email Marketing Campaigns$50/hr
  • Digital Facebook Fan-page Contests Setup$150
  • Facebook Fanpage Setup + Instagram Account Setup + Twitter Account Setup$50/account setup
  • Training/Tutoring $50/hr
  • FREE Consultation + Marketing Strategies to suit your business
  • Yes we are happy to make house calls no extra charge – We can load graphics software and work along side you on your computers creating the artwork together – also troubleshooting – $50/hr
blueaff - Digital Marketing + Social Media Campaigns

Please check these 2 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies below
Both use Instagram + Facebooks Tracking Algorithm to create Targeted Marketing Lists

aaudrey account example - Digital Marketing + Social Media Campaigns

0 to 1340 Followers in only 10 days with Targeted Audience – Next Run Adds

These are the type of results you to can have with Colour Fast Digital Marketing

When you have your facebook & Instagram Account connected then every time someone visits your Instagram account Facebook records and tracks it.

This makes for easy Facebook Campaign Re-targeting using lists captured by Facebook from Instagram with already warm to hot traffic.

Instagram Accounts are much faster & easier to get targeted followers.

Instagram Influencers with massive accounts 100K+ also let you pay them to fast-track your campaigns, engagement, website visits, facebook pixel tracking & sales targeting buyers in your niche.

social light bulb 1 - Digital Marketing + Social Media Campaigns

I am offering a new service due to so many of my clients asking me for it and its awesome.

  • Basically its all about Building a Facebook Fan page Following and creating Email List cycle.
  • The system is simple, inexpensive and very powerful.


  • 1. Create a Facebook Fan Page
  • 2. Build up the Fan Page following with Relevant Niche posts/content and sprinkleing with Website Posts, Viral Contests and Viral Product offers via already Viral Videos and targeted marketing paid Facebook post Boosts as well as collecting email addresses for future targeted marketing.
    The bigger the Fan Page following + Email list the more money you can make with your business.
  • 3. Viral contests are prizes the customers can win (you have to go big – $200 worth or more/month) by giving thier email address + shareing the contest and liking + following your Fan Page – The more shares the better chance they have of winning hence sending the contest viral and collecting emails and followers – The more emails and bigger the fan page following the more sales you make. You run the Facebook marketing for 1 week $7/day to kick it off. These promotions can also be marketed through instagram driving customers to your Fan Page.

  • 4. Product promotion can be done through the Fan Page with Paid Facebook boosting to targeted niche audience adding your post URL to the add which has an already viral niche video. (I can source these videos and have the tools to find them)
    This way you only need to boost for one week and the video will start to be organically shared while collecting emails and sales piggy backing on the viral video. You run the Facebook marketing for 1 week $7/day to kick it off.
    These promotions can also be marketed through instagram driving customers to your Fan Page
  • 5. Once you have an Email list built up you can start your Email Cycle sending promotional marketing emails out once a week to people who have signed up on your ever growing list being fueled by your Facebook Fan page activity.
  • 6. I now have all the best tools to create and run these online marketing systems through your Website Facebook and Instagram.
  • 7. Also I have learned some very simple easy ways to get your websites ranking much better in google which I am happy to share FREE with my clients that you can start doing yourselves today.
    Many of you have been running social media campaigns shareing to facebook under my guidance and doing a great job at it. BUT there is another very important part to the google puzzle which is backlinks – Im happy to share this info FREE to anyone who wants to give me a call.
  • 8. These systems will all run through and around your Website and Facebook + Instagram driving traffic to your site, collecting emails and building your Facebook Fan page following.
  • 9. What I am offering is a quick painless inexpensive way to build traffic to your websites and build your Fan Page following + Email lists. I have created this system through study and watching webinars and following groups full on for the last year. There is very little risk and much to gain depending on how involved you wish to be.
    I will not be offering this as a complete package as everybody has diferent business, needs and requirements. Im happy to negotiate each step of the process customized and pricing estimated geared to the individual clients needs based on my hourly rate.

Please see PDF link below to download a visual on how it all works or see image below – Any questions plzz call me – 0427 302 802 or 07 5492 2492

Viral social media contests and email marketing guide

Viral social media contests and email marketing guide - Digital Marketing + Social Media Campaigns