Website security is essential these days.

Hi guys its Piet here from Colour Fast Graphic Design.
Ok so here is the deal. 2 of my clients 16 websites that I manage have been hacked this year. I have restored both no problem. Please be aware most sites will be ok and only a small percentage get hacked and if they are compromised can be fixed.
I am happy to help you add more security to your websites against hacking. The purpose of this hacking is to create more exposure and hits and backlinks to the hackers website. I cured both my clients sites and have made backup copies of all my clients websites that I manage, to ensure if any get hacked we can restore it to its former glory : ) If you feel your website has been compromised by hackers please contact me straight away so we can deal with it.
More details here: –
You can have google run a scan to check your site at this address: –
Most obvious symptom are:
1. Has your URL has been redirected to another site.
2. Google webmaster tools account has been paused because google has detected a hack.
3. If your site starts to get really slow
4. If you get any warning emails from google or your host provider about strange things going on.
I will be happy to help anyone with these issues or if you just have questions please feel free to call me.

I can also add more security to your site for my usual hourly rate of $40/hr – usually it only takes 1hr.

Website Pricing:

Its just $300 for basic wordpress website

Please check my wordpress website portfolio:
Basic website includes home, post, blog and contact form pages + links bars and Plugins setup) + $200 for SEO (google bing + Social Media Search Engine Optimization) if you want it. $40 per hour over that or $100/full content extra web page after original basic $300 site.
With a wordpress website you can make changes and keep on top of your blogging and seo once instructed how to do it. I can help you set it all up and supply posting, blogging, social media & even updating text and photos tutoring if you need it so you can continue on with the social media shareing/google ranking climbing after my job is done.
I can also offer web hosting $8/month – 24/7 support reliable fast US server and US speaking support. First 6 months hosting free – 2 year minimum signup for that price.
For all your wordpress website or promotional graphic design artwork needs – $40/hr +61 (0)427302802 – australia 07 5492 2492 i am an expert in corel draw, illustrator, photoshop, wordpress, indesign as well as the other regular graphics software platforms tnks for your consideration regards Piet