Overview of connecting everything to enhance SEO

So google owns Youtube so we want a Youtube channel to post videos to which can be displayed on blog posts, website and facebook connecting all these with links. descriptions and tags for SEO to boost Google rankings over time.

Facebook owns instagram so it is smart to connect these also for SEO with posts, links, hashtags etc to boost Google rankings over time.

The best and easiest way is to have the client create/supply video content and pics is via their Instagram account.

All the client has to do is shoot the images and 20 second videos with the phone once a week and upload to their Instagram account on their phone and I can download them from there and do whatever I need to do with them without being logged in (without having to go through the security flaming hoops which we all love) and then I can upload to youtube, edit and post to blogs and Socials etc.

>>> Basic Digital Marketing Plan only $60/wk – Includes:

Website Blog Post (Full Google SEO + Free Images) Posted on Website + Shared to Facebook Business Page

Free Youtube Video Sourced and Uploaded with Links, Tags, Description also Shared to Facebook

Post added to Google My Business with image and backlink to Website Post

The client can supply pics and vids for Instagram of anything relevant to the business – always best to mix this stuff up with people and action. Now if we have all these things connected as well as a correct Google happy website, SEO & Google my business etc, ..you see how google will look favourably on it all.

The Website blog posts will be cross connected with all these platforms

Google joins the dots and boosts your relevance.

SEO Google Connect, Verify, Analytics, Search Console. Yoast, Sitemap, Image Allt Tags, Meta Tags

This is the first step in connecting your website correctly with Google and submitting your website for indexing – $220

SEO Website Blog Post Content CreationIncludes text content + images + inpost SEO config + Yoast config + Posting to Facebook business page, Twitter & Linkedin

Full content unique Google happy Website blog posts weekly posted on Website and Socials – $60 – $30 if client supplies content

SEO Youtube video content with Google happy tags, description & SEO cross linking to website and socials sharing

Unique SEO quality videos created to crosslink with Google, website and socials – $60 each
Best way is if the client has Instagram account and uploads selfies/ pics and vids etc which I can download from the clients Instagram to create content for Youtube, Website & Social sharing.

SEO Newsletter & email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp or other like Sender

Unique SEO quality Newsletters & Emails with text, images and links sent out monthly – $60 each – $30 if client supplies content

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